New walker: Bure Gas

The Bure Gas Standard is a quality walker with gas strut assisted stepless height adjustment.

Adjustment is made using a release lever located so that both of the carer’s or user’s hands can easily reach it.

Ergonomically designed handles that are steplessly adjustable in every direction for optimum individual adaptation.

The walker can be used with a footplate that makes patient transits easy.

The Bure Gas Small is a narrower version specially adapted to work in confined spaces such as at home or in some care accommodations, and to perform flexibly in every situation.

New range: Fisiotek 3000

The Fisiotek 3000 has a programming console with cognitive display, clear images and easy to set parameters.

The new aluminium structure also allows support of stout limbs.

Mobile programming keyboard, listing all the functions, for versatile use at the professional level and at home.

There are 5 models available.

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