10470 - Easy Myotrainer

Easy Myotrainer

portable two channel biofeedback device with graphical display - Bluetooth connection with PC

With the very easy handling you can choose a bar graph or a line graph display. The device has also an acoustic feedback function.

The measured data can be stored on the device and send to a computer. It is also possible to have a direct link to the computer so that the patient can see his results on a large monitor.

With 3 preset programs it is easy to select the kind of therapy you want. The Easymyofeedback has also a specific function so that a patient can select very easy their program: relaxation, balance, EMG monitor.

Applications: muscle rehabilitation, hemiplegia, relaxation problems (stress), lumbago, incontinence, coordination problems.

Extra features: filter function, target determination, automatic target increment in %, 2 independent channels, graphic LCD display, 2 rechargeable batteries, special EMG cables with active preamplifiers for elimination of ambient interferences.

Parameters: line graph / bar graph - 1 or 2 channels - filter with 2 positions - manual or automatic target - acoustic sound or alarm and volume - treatment time: 5-90 min or continuous

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Easy Myotrainer