16945 - Pure Row 8.1

16945 - Pure Row 8.1

This rower uses water as a resistance regulator. The sound of water and the feeling when rowing creates the impression of actual rowing outside.

Because the seat is higher and easy to get onto, it is also perfectly suitable for rehabilitation use.

With a comfortable seating and extensive training information on the monitor, this rowing machine is perfect for the most demanding user.

Several studies have shown that rowing is the most intensive and multi-purpose form of training. In comparison with the course link the calorie combustion at the same level lies, the most important difference is that all muscle groups are intensively trained with rowing.

The rower is easily put away and doesn’t take up a lot of space.

The resistance level of the Pure Row 8.1 is defined by the amount of water in the tank. The water level can be adjusted to own insight. The tank can contain up to 17 liters of water, sufficient to offer a very provocative training session even for top athletes.

Moreover, the Pure Row 8.1 excels in ‘ease of use’: the training speaks of itself and the machine is virtually maintenance-free.

Technical Features

  • brake system: water resistance
  • 4 resistance levels
  • rotating mass: up to 17 liter
  • monitor: monochrome LCD displays time, distance, time/500 min., strokes per minute
  • power supply: batteries (4 x AA type)
  • foldable: store straight up
  • foot supports: height adjustable
  • dimensions: 217 x 51 x 52 cm
  • max. user weight: 135 kg
  • adjustable console
  • seat type: soft
  • transport wheels


  • telemetric HR receiver build in
  • chest belt
16945 - Pure Row 8.1
16945 - Pure Row 8.1
16945 - Pure Row 8.1
16945 - Pure Row 8.1