20101 - TBed

20101 - TBed

TBed is an innovative system for postural assessment and rehabilitation. Equipped with a sophisticated net of sensors the TBed system allows to determine the tensions of the rear muscles chain in a very precise way.

The software is easy and inductive. After a short assessment phase, you can set rehabilitation exercises with feedback.

The tension of the behind muscle chains is by normal spine column equally left-right divided (with a difference of 5%). When the body (spinal column) slightly turns due to a problem in a certain region (or multiple problems in multiple regions) the tension of the behind chains will change accordingly. This is why it’s very useful to study the ortho-dynamic balance through a feedback load control system.

The changeable geometry structure of the TBed system allows to the operators to “close” the rear muscles chain in a very gradual and sensitive way. It consists of resetting the postural schedule with a new methodology: active proprioceptive stretching.

The TBed allows to work in an open chain with feedback control, in a closed chain with feedback control and proprioceptive muscle reinforcement with feedback gate control. The focal points in the TBed system are 12 high technology, precise and independent working load detectors which allow to highlight the coil refl ection on dorsal, lumbar and hip-bone level.


  • Tension and Symmetries assessment:
    Due to a mathematical algorithm the tension assessment feature supplies the tensions exerted by the patient’s posterior chain at preset angles (120°-105°-90°).
    The symmetry assessment feature shows the difference in tensions exerted by the various bodily segments on the frontal plane.
  • Treatment Monitor:
    A simple, clear and intuitive monitor shows basically data such as the load quantity transferred from the therapist to the patient, the areas most treated and the average trajectories of the applied forces.
  • Postural Training:
    Easy to use software module to do a postural training in Equilibrium and Disequilibrium posture.
  • Training games:
    Different and multiple training games to catch the attention of the patients during training session.

Technical Features

  • 12 load sensors
  • 4 digital accelerometers
  • measure sampling rate: 20 Hz
  • load reading resolution: 0,1 kg
  • angular reading resolution: 1 degree
  • electric height adjustment from 52 to 97 cm
  • maximum lifting capacity: 150 kg
  • electric powered back and seat sections
  • head and leg sections are gas spring supported
  • adjustable arm supports
  • breathing hole
  • power supply: 230VAC - 50/60 Hz
  • power consumption: 700 VA
  • dimensions: 220 x 64 x H 52/97 cm
  • weight: 160 kg

Computer Specifications

  • touchscreen 20" - resolution: 1600 x 900 pixels
  • processor: 2,3 GHz - HD: 500 GB - RAM: 4 GB - wireless keyboard + mouse
  • OS: Windows 7 multilingual
  • optional: wireless color laser printer
20101 - TBed
20101 - TBed
20101 - TBed