09811 - Genesy 1500

09811 - Genesy 1500

Portable, programmable, 4-channel electrostimulator for professional use in medical rehabilitative and physiotherapeutic environments.

Genesy 1500 has a complete range that includes specific waveforms and 414 programs: 11 Rehabilitation, 33 Pain, 23 MEMS (micro-current), 9 Denervated, 3 Incontinence, 6 Interferential, 1 Ionophoresis, 53 Sport, 29 Fitness, 16 Beauty, 84 Action Now, 54 "3S" Serial Sequential Stimulation, 92 Electrotherapy Menu (Ems - Russian).

This stimulator is programmable and allows the professional user to create and store special programs with personalized parameters. Allows sharing the stimulator among more than one user, keeping the personal parameters stored (up to 25 different users).

  • "3S" Serial Sequential Stimulation: permits to stimulate the muscles in a sequential manner.
  • Action Now: enables to activate the muscular contraction through an external control managed by an operator.
  • Favorites: permits to store up to 30 programs for each user.
  • Last 10: memory for the last 10 carried out programs.
  • Auto Stim: for carrying out a program without manually intervening on the intensity.
  • SyncroStim: by pressing only one button, you can increase the intensity value on all 4 channels.
  • My Trainer: shows positioning images of the electrodes on screen.
  • Run Time: allows modification of time, frequency and pulse width during treatment.
  • 2+2 Mode: permits to execute 2 different programs simultaneously.
  • Stim Lock: the patient can only use the programs chosen by the physiotherapist.
  • Work Time: shows the effective utilization time of the unit
  • Diagnostics: reobase and chronaxy calculation

Double power supply: rechargeable batteries and mains supply.
Manual complete with electrode placement guide.

Technical Features

  • number of channels: 4 independent
  • max. intensity: 120 mA per channel with 1 kΩ load
  • frequency: 0,3 - 150 Hz
  • pulse width: 40 - 450 µs
  • waveform: square, biphasic, symmetrical and compensated wave
  • current types: EMS, TENS, MCR, Russian, denervated, interferential, ionophoresis
  • 6 different languages: English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian
  • backlit display
  • power supply: 12VDC - 2,1A battery charger
  • dimensions: 160 x 99 x 35 mm
  • weight: 404 gr.
  • safety class: class II type BF according to IEC 601-1
  • conformity: certified CE MDD
Standard Accessories
09811 - Genesy 1500