10160 - PelviFemme

10160 - PelviFemme

The PelviFemme is a biofeedback device designed to strengthen the female pelvic floor muscles and keep them strong.  Strong pelvic muscles are important to compete urinary incontinence in many cases.  It particularly improves the symptoms of urge incontinence and facilitates the recovery phase after birth delivery.

The PelviFemme measures the pressure issued on an air filled balloon by squeezing the pelvic floor muscles against it.  The measured pressure is indicated on the display and gives feedback about the strength of the contraction.

The PelviFemme comprises 2 modes:

  • a testing mode to determine the training level to be used
  • a training mode which includes a slow and a fast training session

Delivered with vaginal sensor, sensor case, 3 AAA 1.5V batteries and protection bag.

Standard Accessories
10160 - PelviFemme