10200 - Diadyne


The Diadyne is an excellent basic unit allowing the application of most precribed current forms. Young therapists will choose the Diadyne for its attractive and compact design, the therapeutic possibilities and its modest price. The unit is suitable for the use in cabinets as well as for home treatments.

The Diadyne corresponds to the strict European norms and offers a safe and reliable therapy. All currents are easily adjustable. The Diadyne is equipped with two potentiometers of which one with fine-tuning for precise dosage of the output current. The patient output is of the type "constant current" so that intensity fluctuations are avoided. The intensity is shown on the digital display. An automatic polarity inversion ensures inverting without problems, even when the intensity has not been tempered. The electrodes can be connected to four outputs. The use of four cell baths is perfectly possible.

Current Forms

  • MF - monophase fixed - analgesic effect - alleviation of pain near to the central nervous system - non-specific tonification of the connective tissue.
  • DF - diphase fixed - soothing effect on the sympathetic nervous system - hyperaemia - analgesic effect - disorders of the vegetative system - peripheral pains.
  • DIA - diadynamic current CP and LP waves adjustable from 1 to 10 sec. - analgesic effect especially for chronic pain - resorption of oedema and hematoma.
  • 2/5 - "ultra-reiz" current of Träbert - strong analgesic effect - alleviation of pain and improved circulation - rectangular pulses of 2 msec., followed by a pause of 5 msec. - frequency 143 Hz.
  • STIM - rectangular or progressive stimulation current with adjustable pulse time and pause - stimulating effect on healthy or partial denervated muscles.
  • G - galvanic current for iontophoresis

Technical features

  • mains: 230V ± 10% - 50/60 Hz
  • consumed power: 25 VA
  • dimensions: 350 x 250 x 120 mm
  • weight: 4 kg
  • safety class: class I type BF according to IEC 601-1
  • marking: CE 1639
Standard Accessories
Optional Accessories