10415 - Neodiadyne 2000

Neodiadyne 2000

The Neodiadyne 2000, made by Fysiomed, is a programmed low and medium frequency current generator, which is simple to use, solid and easy to move.

This microprocessor controlled unit allows the treatment with following current forms: interferential, low frequency currents, TENS, biphasic, progressive current, diadynamic and galvanic. The unit is equipped with 28 pre-set treatment modes. Each treatment mode can be changed and adjusted to the needs of the patient.

Treatment modes

  • currents according to Kotz: mild, moderate, strong
  • bipolar medium frequency: antalgic, classic, stimulating
  • quadripolar interferential: antalgic, classic, stimulating
  • TENS currents: random (3 selections), burst, normal
  • URO-GYNAECO currents: biphasic (6 selections)
  • progressive currents: pulse mode
  • diadynamic currents: MF, DF, CP, LP
  • galvanic currents: direct current

The parameters of the Neodiadyne 2000 are shown on a high contrast LCD display. The electronic timer with acoustic signal automatically stops the treatment when the treatment time has elapsed. The unit is simply to operate thanks to the simple and logic programmation.

The Neodiadyne 2000 has two independent patient circuits and is delivered with a complete set of accessories. It is possible to connect the unit to an ultrasound unit to perform combination therapy (electrotherapy & ultrasound).

Technical Features

  • anti-accomodation mode
  • power supply: 230 V - 50/60 Hz
  • consumed power: 50 VA
  • dimensions: l 390 x d 240 x h 125 mm
  • weight: 5 kg
  • safety class: class I type BF according to IEC 601-1
  • marking: CE 1639
Standard Accessories
Optional Accessories