10500 - MyoTrac Infiniti

MyoTrac Infiniti

The MyoTrac Infiniti contains the most advanced technologies for biofeedback and electrostimulation, and combines EMG biofeedback on 2 channels with stimulation - USB connection with PC

The large touch screen makes it very easy to set all parameters and commands. The graphic screen displays all the needed information, translated into curves, histograms or numeric values.
The data can be stored in three ways: on the internal memory, on the Flash memory card (very large capacity) and on the PC through an USB port.

The MyoTrac Infiniti is offered with the Biograph Infiniti software. Installed on PC (Windows XP/Vista/7) you have access to a large library of screens for rehabilitation through biofeedback, for all parts of the body. All data are stored on a patient card. All EMG data provided by a muscle test complete the therapeutic report.

Three application modes

  • EMG: 2 channels EMG for muscle balance and biofeedback with curves models and video animations for a more animated rehabilitation
  • STIM: 2 channels for muscular stimulation with all forms of muscle stimulating currents
  • EMG/STIM: electrostimulation caused by an EMG step to strengthen the voluntary active work

Biograph Infiniti software 

  • patient cards
  • exercise curve models
  • biofeedback
  • animations
  • protocols for treatment
  • reports

Technical features 

1. EMG

  • 2 channels
  • sensibility: 0,1 µV to 2000 µV
  • frequency band: 10 Hz - 1 kHz
  • visual feedback on the touch screen: curve, bargraph, numeric
  • adjustable audio feedback
  • statistic analysis and report stored in memory
  • transmission to PC
  • Flash memory card

2. Electrostimulation

  • 2 channels
  • compensated biphasic rectangular constant current - max. intensity: 100 mA
  • frequency: adjustable from 2 to 70 Hz
  • pulse width: adjustable from 50 to 400 µs
  • adjustable ramp up
  • adjustable work time / rest time
  • 45 preset programs
  • 45 programmable slots to memorize
  • alimentation: rechargeable battery
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10500 - MyoTrac Infiniti
10500 - MyoTrac Infiniti
10500 - MyoTrac Infiniti
10500 - MyoTrac Infiniti