12800 - Koolio

12800 - Koolio

Cold therapy has been recognized as a means for relieving pain and reducing swelling since antiquity. Koolio is an optimal air cooling device that generates cold air for skin cooling and can be applied with 9 air-flow-levels depending on operation environment.

Cold air is created in dosages to withdraw the specified body warmth. Room air is drawn into the device, filtered and cooled to the required therapy temperature (around -30°C). Local cold damage is prevented by proper application.

Simple Application

The cooled air reaches the therapeutic location via an application tube. Air current flow can be regulated. For maximal efficiency, a distance of 5-20 cm between the skin and the output nozzle should be maintained.
Pain relief and inflammation reduction can be attained for 1,5 to 3 hours following a treatment session which lasts from 30 sec. to 10 min., depending on the patient’s condition and type of application.

Special features

  • to relieve pain and discomfort from all thermal heat procedures
  • stable cooling temperature and continual performance
  • powerful cooling air temperature below -30°C
  • FND screen with touch button
  • auto self-detection controlling system
  • continuous compressing for an immediate use (standby mode)
  • self-defrosting system for the best cooling performance
  • 9 variable cooling fan speeds for various selection

Technical Features

  • power supply: 230 V - 50/60 Hz
  • power consumption: 1300 VA max.
  • therapy air flow: 9 levels - max. 1000 l/min.
  • mode: start - stop - standby and defrost
  • supplied with hose of 2 m
  • dimensions: H 80 x W 33 x D 75 cm
  • weight: 60 kg
  • protection according to IEC 601-1: Class I type BF
  • class IIa
Optional Accessories