12850 - E*SWT 2 - Evoluted Shock Wave Therapy 2

12850 - E*SWT 2

E*SWT 2 represents today an innovative system that can give rise to a new and effective therapeutic approach for the treatment of various pathologies regarding soft tissues and the skeletal system.

E*SWT 2 is a system allowing you to perform an innovative methodology called extra-corporeal shockwaves therapy.

It is a versatile instrument, made for treating both soft (tendons and muscles) and hard tissues (bone).

The thrust implemented by the end side of a suitable applicator, that the operator has to put in contact with the suffering region, gives rise to small impulses with high intensity that are transmitted into the tissue. This originates a resonance phenomenon causing antalgic processes, reduction of local phlogosis, new formation of blood vessels, reactivation of reparative processes.

Although the unit E*SWT 2 and its application technique are a sort of derivation and adaptation of the shock wave therapy already used in other disciplines it represents for the physical therapy a novelty because of the lower energies employed and the therapeutic modalities that can take place in an ambulatory allowing to avoid any anaesthesia or sedation and furthermore any radiographic and/or ultrasound visualisation and/or monitoring system.

All these features make the E*SWT 2 system a specific instrument for the treatment of pathologies into the physical therapy and orthopaedics field. The antalgic, osteo-inductive and vascular effects allow the treatment of a wide range of tendinous pathologies, but also allow the activation of processes involving the re-absorption of calcifications, especially when they are localised in the smallest joints, and help to increase the reparative processes (osteogenesis) in osteo-articular pathologies and fractures.

A large liquid crystal display, where all the information are shown, together with the availability of function keys and the help on-line, make E*SWT 2 an extremely easy to use apparatus. The technology that uses microprocessor control, in fact, gives the operator the opportunity of modulating widely the different available parameters. Besides the manual setting, the E*SWT 2 system has got a series of preset therapeutic protocols (whose values can be adjusted by the operator) and a memory for storing up to 50 customized treatments.

Special Features

  • software under Windows CE
  • large color screen
  • track ball control
  • choice of language
  • large choice of therapeutic protocols
  • entering the desired pathology suggests automatically the relevant parameters
  • very user-friendly

Delivered with

  • an adjusted compressor
  • a design cabinet with room for the compressor
  • a secure foot switch for easy operation
Standard Accessories