17502 - Lode Valiant 2 Sport with touchscreen

17502 - Lode Valiant 2 Sport with touchscreen

Modern designed treadmill specifically designed for sports medical applications. The touchscreen offers programming options for speed, angle and standard tests such as Bruce and Balke. It offers a smooth acceleration from 0 km/h and is continuously adjustable in a range from 1 to 25 km/h.

With the option heart rate controlled programs a range of protocols can be set.

With the option Lode Ergometry Manager option (LEM) and Lode Cardiac Rehab Manager (LCRM) the treadmill can completely be controlled by a remote pc (equipped with the appropriate software).

The Valiant 2 Sport has a standard running surface of 190 x 70 cm. Other dimensions are available on request.

The motor compartment of the treadmill is designed in such a way that the cover is only marginally higher than the belt surface. This allows for low camera positions in case the treadmill is used for gait analysis purposes. Also a therapist has the best possible view on feet and lower extremities.

The low step-up height makes the treadmill perfectly suitable for all test subjects.

The emergency stop with magnetic lanyard on the standard front handrail provides additional safety for the user.

The product is designed to withstand continuous heavy use by subjects in most weights and sizes. Material choices, refined components and accurate manufacturing techniques lead to low noise.

Various options allow further adjustment of the unit.


  • speed from 1 to 25 km/h - adjustable with steps of 0,1 km/h
  • automatic height adjustment from 0 to 25 % (angle)
  • dimensions: 255 x 100 x 130 cm
  • standard walking surface: 190 x 70 cm
  • step-up height: 17 cm
  • no belt-greasing is required
  • shock absorbing design for running comfort
  • serial RS-232 interface or USB for connection with external devices
  • power: 115/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • weight: 150 kg
  • maximum user weight: 225 kg
  • CE/ISO 9001/ ISO 13485, IEC-60601-1
Optional Accessories
Lode Ergometry Manager