17552 - Lode Cardiac Rehab Manager with PC

17552 - Lode Cardiac Rehab Manager with PC

Modular system for controlled ergometer training for cardiac rehabilitation (LCRM).

The PC software takes over the entire predefined training control of the patients, documents all relevant data (e.g. ECG, heart rate, training data, etc.) at the same time and so relieves the therapist of routine work.

Up till 8 ergometers can be controlled. It's possible to use also stand-alone (e.g. floor exercises).

The ECG connection is wireless enabling the test subjects to move around freely.

The software provides individual reports and continuous ECG control. Both group testing and individual testing is possible. The data can be compared and analyzed on graph and in table and also be printed.

Software available in several languages, including Dutch, French and English.

Including PC, software, Windows 7, LCD screen, keyboard and mouse, cables and Bluetooth hub.