17580 - Lode Body Weight Support System

17580 - Lode Body Weight Support System

The Lode Body Weight Support System (BWSS) is especially developed to support patients that are not able to walk independently. They need support in order to be able to learn how to walk again. The Lode BWSS is the perfect product to enable this for patients up to 160 kg and to lift them out of the wheelchair.

During the training session, the patient weight can be supported accurately up to 40% of the body weight with a maximum 80 kg, allowing a broad range of patients to use the system. The compensation weight can easily be adjusted with a remote control.

The weight is compensated through a unique use of spring combinations, which is a breakthrough and provides the most stable compensation system.

The BWSS can be used with or without a treadmill. The system is suitable for the Lode treadmills as well as treadmills from other brands.


  • Unlimited pelvic rotation for a good kinematica
  • Single point suspension for sideways walking
  • 180 degree swivel for backwards walking
  • Direction can be changed without repositioning of the full system
  • Power: 230 V
  • Weight: 110 kg
  • Dimensions: 160 x 142 x 250 cm
Optional Accessories
17580 - Lode Body Weight Support System
remote control