17710 - Lode Corival Rehab ergometer

17710 - Lode Corival Rehab ergometer

The Corival is a modern ergometer with an ergonomic, stable design and is suitable for all body postures. The ultralow step-through enables easy access to the ergometer and the latest design guarantees a perfect ergonomic position.

The extreme low start-up load of 7 watts and the adjustability in small steps of 1 watt make this ergometer perfectly suitable for many different applications.

The standard 7" control unit with touch screen shows multiple ergometry parameters and you can determine your specific default setting and start-up menu.

The Corival is supplied with an electro-magnetic braking mechanism (eddy current), which offers absolute accuracy. The noise level is reduced to a minimum.

The height of the saddle is stepless adjustable and can be read-out on the saddle shaft.

Thanks to the built-in network module, the ergometer can be connected to the Lode Cardiac Rehab Manager Software or the Lode Ergometry Manager. Connectivity to most ECG and ergospirometry devices as well as PCs.


  • Workload control: hyperbolic, linear, fixed torque, heart rate controlled
  • Operational modes: manual, analog, terminal, optional: protocols (24 free, HRC, Åstrand)
  • Handlebar adjustment angle 360°
  • Saddle adjustable
  • Touchscreen with LCD display shows workload, rpm digital, rpm bargraph, heart rate, target heart rate, timer, distance, torque, optional: blood pressure, energy, SpO2
  • User interface in various languages (including Dutch, French and English)
  • Bottleholder
  • Workload continuous: 7-750 Watt
  • Minimum load: 7 Watt
  • Workload peak: 1000 Watt
  • Workload increments: 1 Watt
  • RPM independent: 30-150 rpm
  • Dynamic calibration
  • Power: 115/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz (130 VA)
  • Dimensions: 105 x 46 x 114 cm
  • Weight: 63 kg
  • Maximum user weight: 180 kg
  • CE/ISO 9001/ ISO 13485, IEC-60601-1
Optional Accessories