20064 - Health Bounce Pod

20064 - Health Bounce Pod

Health Bounce Pod offers a safe and suitable environment for elderly and injured people to exercise. It is robust, balanced, adjustable, and comfortable.

It has been designed by professional trampoline athletes in cooperation with doctors specialized in the field of extreme trauma and accidents.

The adjustable C-Hoop, connected to the steel frame by 4 symmetrically placed springs makes it friendly to use by blind people, who can exercise freely and up to their own capability.

  • Rebounding increases bone density (and helps to fight osteoporosis)
  • Rebounding develops balance, reflex and coordination
  • Rebounding stimulates 100% of your body cells
  • Rebounding detoxifies the lymphatic system
  • Rebounding makes you happy

Technical Features

  • diameter: 96 cm
  • height mat: 27 cm
  • diameter C-Hoop: 58 cm
  • height C-Hoop: 50-80 cm (C-hoop height from trampoline mat)
  • max. user weight: 120 kg
20064 - Health Bounce Pod
20064 - Health Bounce Pod