20100 - ProKin PK 200

ProKin PK 200

Mobile platform for balance assessment and postural training with a wireless transmitter. The ProKin PK 200 is a proprioceptive system, that encloses a small silicon chip capable of detecting each single angular movement of a mobile platform, with maximum accuracy.

The difficulty level can be adjusted by 4 different adapters that are placed under the board, resulting in: 3 multiaxial and 2 monoaxial levels, a monopodalic and seated position. Each single movement is detected and recorded by the PC in real time mode, to provide both the patient and the operator with some powerful feedback data.

The software provides various assessment, analysis and training modules, but also statistic functions and games. Objective reproduction of proprioceptive sensitivity, flat and graphic reproduction of physical force exercised on the plateau. Rehabilitation program: in particular useful for proprioceptive training and further testing at the several levels.

Patient files: stores the data of patients and the tests. The data can be examined afterwards to evaluate the evolution and to compare the results of groups of patients.

Comes standard with a case, USB Bluetooth adapter, CD-ROM with software and battery charger.

Technical Features

  • minimum PC requirements: Windows XP or higher, RAM: 256MB, disk space: 100MB, USB 2.0 port, CD-ROM drive, SVGA display (1024x768)
  • wireless frequency: 2,4 GHz (Bluetooth)
  • tilt: 12°, reading resolution: 0,1°
  • power: 2 rechargeable batteries AAA
  • maximum user weight: 120 kg
  • dimensions: Ø 50 x 10 cm, weight: 6 kg
  • CE certified
20100 - ProKin PK 200
20100 - ProKin PK 200
20100 - ProKin PK 200