20110 - ProKin PK 252

20110 - ProKin PK 252

The ProKin system offers an excellent bipedal proprioceptive stabilometric assessment. The stability of the mobile platform of the ProKin PK 252 is managed via a sophisticated electro-hydraulic system driven by 2 stepper motors.

The user friendly software, equipped with a touch screen, makes managing the data of analysis, assessment and training easy. The main menu of the software facilitates the access all the principal functional modules of the ProKin.

Provided with a number of assessment programs, it enables the operator to understand correctly the proprioceptive condition of the patient. After the assessment, the software automatically suggests a series of rehabilitation tracing, designed to improve the perceptive conditions of each single movement.

The rehabilitation tests and protocols are stored in the patient file program and can be called up anytime for further control and comparing tests.

The ProKin PK 252 is equipped with two switches for monoaxial block. When the switch A-P is closed the front-behind axis of the platform is blocked and the left-right axis is left free. Vice versa if the left-right switch is closed the opposite situation occurs. The monoaxial exercise is particular suitable for every proprioceptive rehabilitation itinerary. Only when the patient is able to manage correctly both the axes individually it's possible to pass a proprioceptive bipodalic multiaxial training.

The ProKin is equipped with 5 load cells and offers the possibility of transformation into a complete stabilometric system. By closing off the pneumatic circuit flow interrupters, the mobile platform accurately stabilizes itself, thus allowing a classic type of orthostatic stabilometric assessment (Romberg Test, C.O.P. Oscillation,...)

Innovative too is the instability control system, whereby thanks to a feedback reaction device, the mobile platform stability is automatically adjusted in relation to the mass of the subject being assessed and to the chosen instability coefficient.

The TK Trunk Sensor is another innovative feature of the ProKin PK 252. The TK Trunk Sensor is a biaxial clinometer capable of detecting trunk oscillations in anterior-posterior and left-right directions. Trunk stability during proprioceptive exercises in erect patient position, indicates that the subject has good peripheral control (ankle, knee, hip) and does not require any postural compensation at higher levels.

The solid and comfortable handrail support structure ensures completely safe assessment and dynamic proprioceptive training sessions.

Functionality of the system

  • Stability: 50 degrees of instability with relative comparison to the patient’s weight
  • Possible stability modality:
    • totally dynamic
    • front-behind monoaxial block
    • left-right monoaxial block
    • totally static (stabilometric)
  • Dynamic: 15° of inclination from horizontal position to all the directions | 0,1° measure reading maximum resolution


  • Assessment modules:
    • proprioceptive pre-assessment
    • monoaxial proprioceptive assessment
    • multiaxial proprioceptive assessment
    • disequilibrium/skill assessment
    • time/ dynamic assessment
    • equilibrium management assessment
  • Analysis and training modules:
    • flat view and graphs
    • rehabilitative tracings management (builder)
    • rehabilitative tracings
  • Protocols and vital statistics:
    • patient files
    • manuals and protocols
    • tests chronology and comparison
  • Games:
    • ping-pong
    • light

Technical features

  • electric supply: 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • absorbed power: 400 Watts
  • medical decouple transformer: 230V/24V - 600 VA
  • dimensions base: 150 cm x 160 cm
  • height: 180-200 cm
  • weight: 95 kg
  • measures reading sampling: 20 Hz
  • patient’s load capacity: 120 kg (135 kg safety)
  • certifications: EN 60601- 1 (CEI 62- 5), 93/42/CEE, Class II - Type B a

Standard supplied with

  • touch screen display 17” with 1024 x 768 pixel resolution
  • control unit with last generation processor, disk capacity: 150 GB, RAM memory: 1 GB, QWERTY keyboard, optical mouse, serial port RS232, OS Windows XP multi-language
  • adjustable display height
  • dynamic/static platform with 55 cm diameter
  • support platform and assistance 110 x 110 cm, ground elevation of 21 cm
  • trunk sensor
  • wrapping upper supports
  • manuals: operator’s manual (paper and digital), software manual (digital), clinic manual (digital), rehabilitative protocols (ankle, knee, hip)

Not included: color printer HP Deskjet

20110 - ProKin PK 252
20110 - ProKin PK 252
20110 - ProKin PK 252