20940 - Performer X5 Combi 3-band & Infinity I


Combination of 3-band ultrasound and Infinity I electrotherapy with 2 output channels

3-band ultrasound is provided with three different frequencies: 1 MHz, 2 MHz and 3 MHz. The operator can use them separately or he can make all combinations he needs. 3 MHz is usually applied for treating the first layers of the body (skin and fat), 2 MHz is useful for treating muscles, 1 MHz is suitable for treating tendons and muscles. The ergonomic shape of the multi-frequency head allows easy handling.

Universal 2 channel electrotherapy device that delivers all the low and medium frequency currents for iontophoresis, stimulation, pain therapy by using Tens and diadynamic currents, High Voltage, Trabert, Kotz and interferential bipolar and quadripolar. Infinity includes a wide range of preset protocols and memories for customised protocols.

Thanks to the Performer X5 different modules can be combined and integrated in one unit. Parameters and functions of every generator are shown on the same LCD. It is not necessary to move the patient, every treatment is performed in the same room. The same system is managing more than one generator which makes the purchase and the maintenance costs cheaper.

We offer following configurations:

  • 20900 - 3-band ultrasound
  • 20910 - Infinity I electrotherapy
  • 20920 - Infinity II electrotherapy
  • 20930 - Fiber laser therapy 10W
  • 20940 - 3-band ultrasound + Infinity I electrotherapy
  • 20950 - 3-band ultrasound + Infinity I electrotherapy + Fiber laser therapy 10W
Optional Accessories
20940 - Performer X5 Combi 3-band & Infinity I
20940 - Performer X5 Combi 3-band & Infinity I