25260 - APT 1 Classic

25260 + 25387

electronically controlled active/passive trainer - economic model - display of traditional APT functions - stop switch

Universal trainer for active and passive mobilisation of the upper as well as the lower limbs. This revolutionary concept makes expensive accessories superfluous. The height and the length of the crank are easily adjusted to provide a variable range of motion.

The passive mode is a powered movement at regulated speeds, for exercise of limbs that have limited or no muscle power. An unique auto-reverse feature reverses the direction in case of a muscle seizure so that the affected muscles are released.

The active mode enables a wide range of exercises, either workload dependent, where the resistance level is constant regardless of pedal speed, or isokinetic where resistance increases as speed increases.

The favourable price and the many possibilities make the APT a very profitable instrument for rehabilitation of movement and ameliorate the general condition of persons with mobility disorders.

Technical Features

  • rotation radius: 37.5 / 75 /112.5 / 150 mm
  • training angle: 15 ° / 30 ° / 45 ° / 60 °
  • speed​​: 20-60 RPM
  • external adapter: 24V DC
  • power supply: 100-240 V - 50/60 Hz
  • consumed power: 100 VA
  • weight: 18 kg
  • dimensions: 46 x 72 x 16 cm (folded)
Optional Accessories