25427 - Movanimo Touch

25427 - Movanimo Touch

The Movanimo Touch leg trainer with a large touchscreen offers passive training, active training with motor assistance and active training with specific resistance.

The color touch panel displays detailed training analysis with more than 17 measures:

  • distance (active and passive)
  • duration (active and total)
  • muscle tone (average and maximum)
  • symmetry (left leg & right leg)
  • performance/Watt (average and maximum)
  • activity index in %
  • heart rate in bpm
  • RPM (average and maximum)
  • resistance (average and maximum)
  • energy consumption
  • number of spastics

The Movanimo Touch adapts to the needs and wishes of the user: forward or backward rotation, with or without the aid of the engine, fast or slow, with high or low resistance, ... Switching from passive to active training happens on a soft and natural way and allows an active participation, even if the patient suffers from muscles weakness.

The built-in anti-spasm control ensures an effective treatment of people with paraplegia or MS, quadriplegia, stroke, Parkinson, ... The movement is electronically monitored and when a spasm is detected, the motor stops in a soft way. After the relaxation phase the pedals rotate slowly in reverse direction.

The user can choose between a variety of exercise and muscle training:

  • passive exercise
  • during passive exercise one can accelerate the pedals by muscular force without damaging the motor
  • isometric exercise by choosing a low speed and attempting to brake the movement by muscular force
  • active, ergometric training, with the motor turned off

Technical Features

  • anti-spasm-control
  • footrests standard
  • choice of direction of rotation: forwards, backwards or automatically
  • ergonomic handle bar, 180° rotating, height and angle setting
  • easy entry by remote control for each leg
  • shock resistant
  • continuously variable radius between 5 and 14 cm for each leg separately
  • automatic check of electronics
  • continuously variable width of foot pedals
  • quick adjustment for usage without use of any tools
  • extra silent rolls ball beared for very comfortable move
  • extra soft start and stop
  • extremely solid and long-lasting construction
  • 5 non-slip feet for stable placement
  • protection discs, prevents clothing being tangled during the movement
  • transport wheels
  • height: 70 cm
  • weight: 27 kg
  • power: 230 V - 50 Hz
Standard Accessories
Optional Accessories
25427 - Movanimo Touch
25427 - Movanimo Touch
25427 - Movanimo Touch
25427 - Movanimo Touch