25434 - F.E.S. - Functional Electric Stimulation


Option for Movanimo Touch - This advanced high-tech electronic device allows people with spinal cord injury and even complete paralyzed legs to move again on the leg trainer.

The device is equipped with a sensor that informs the Impulse Stimulator of the position of the legs. The software uses this information to calculate which muscles must be stimulated and the strength of electric pulse required. 

The electric pulses are passed to the muscles by an impulse electrode shorts. These are similar to cycling shorts but with a number of embedded electrodes. The electric pulses stimulate the muscles, causing them to contract at the appropriate time, allowing the person to cycle.

Adhesive electrodes can be stuck on the leg and buttock muscles as an alternative for the Impuls shorts.

The Impuls System has a whole range of positive effects both on physical and mental health. As fitness improves, the immune system is strengthened, circulation improves, muscle spasms decrease and also the risk of cardiovascular accident. The cycling also gives joy and pleasure to the user.

The F.E.S. has 6 channels and 4 different programs. For each muscle, separate settings are possible.

In combination with Movanimo Touch, only for leg training.