25835 - FlexPress

25835 - FlexPress

The FlexPress is intended for exercises of the legs from a wheelchair. Very suitable for wheelchair users who want to strengthen their muscles via leg press exercises.

It’s possible to set the resistance very low, so the user can start on a very light level. The Flexpress can be easily adjusted to the length of the user. The resistance is regulated via elastic cables. Resistance and distance to the wheelchair is changed with one pull of the button.

The Flexpress works silently. It is compact and can easily be stored vertically. The wheelchair is locked via straps.

Technical Features

  • resistance: from 4 to 35 kg - via elastic cables of 4 and 6 kg
  • dimensions: 110/140 x 58 x h 55 cm
  • weight: 40 kg
25835 - FlexPress