28960 - Home Press 3

Home Press 3

Home Press 3 is a pressotherapy device, a massage system by compression


  • activates lymphatic and blood circulation, helps in relieving the symptoms of heavy, swollen and painful legs.
  • helps to eliminate toxins, combat water retention and unbecoming aesthetic appearance often caused by bad circulation.
  • the treatment encases the entire leg in inflatable boots - the sections of the boot alternately inflate and deflate - 3-chamber boots.
  • easy to use: the user only has to set up the adequate pressure, according to the required treatment.
  • the volume of each inflated chamber varies according to the morphology of the limb.
  • suitable for domestic use.
  • delivered with 2 leg garments

Technical Features

  • pressure: adjustable from 20 to 80 mmHg
  • dimensions: L 285 x W 240 x H 115 mm
  • weight: 3,9 kg
  • marking: CE 0459
Standard Accessories
Optional Accessories
Home Press 3 with leg garments
Home Press 3 with arm garment