E12500 - Cryotherm HT

E12500 - Cryotherm HT

Therapeutic device capable to produce a real deep thermal shock effect.
The thermal shock is a physiological stress produced by sudden or rapid temperature variations in the local tissues.

The Cryotherm HT not only allows to perform cryotherapy or hyperthermia separately but also and above all thermal shock therapy in a dynamic and controlled way.

Hypertherm, transdermal cryothermica and thermal shock can be modulated in depth and intensity.

The Cryotherm HT is equipped with a treatment head based on the technology of Peltier cells capable of generating heat or subtracting heat in a range from +45°C to -18°C.

A special sensor transmits the target temperature (to be reached) and the local body temperature appears on the LCD screen in real-time to inform the operator how the therapy is acting on the patient.

All the functions are visualized on a large color LCD. In addition to the usual and traditional keys and buttons, it is possible to adjust every parameter on the touchscreen.

The versatile Windows CE operating system ensures possible upgrading.

A wide range of preset protocols with body maps is available. After a pathology is chosen, the screen will show the body parts to be treated and the unit will suggest the parameter values to set.

Free memories for entering customized protocols.

Technical Features

  • temperature: from +45°C to -18°C
  • color touchscreen 400x800 pixels
  • power supply: 115-230 V~ 50/60 Hz
  • consumed power: 800 VA
  • dimensions: 41 x 42 x 18 cm
  • weight: 9 kg
  • safety class: class I type B
  • class IIa
E12500 - Cryotherm HT
E12500 - Cryotherm HT
E12500 - Cryotherm HT