E20370 - TRC NT

E20370 - TRC NT

Unique device for Tecartherapy - Therapeutic Resistive and Capacitive Diathermy. Operating on a frequency of 485 kHz with an adjustable power up to 300 W.

Non-invasive: the therapist uses special applicators to deliver the energy to the various cellular layers.

Painless: Every treatment is like a massage in which the transmitted energy feels like a comfortable warmth.

Effective: Interaction with all cellular layers and following effects: lymphatic drainage, anti-inflammatory, improved circulation and analgesic.

Permanent: It stimulates the natural and physiological body reactions to the pathology.

Resistive Diathermy has a deep effect on bone, ligaments, tendons and muscles. It can be used for drainage and relaxation of contractions. The heat effect is quite important.

Capacitive Diathermy causes biological stimulation, especially in the zone where the electrode is positioned. It is athermic or creates a comfortable minimal heat effect.

IP - Interactive Probe: this unique ergonomic handpiece is equipped with sensors and an LCD display that
shows the temperature fluctuations and resistance of the treated skin in real time and monitors the effectiveness of energy transmission. One can regulate the power and the mode without intervention on the console. It is also equipped with a magnetic coupling system for the electrodes.

Dynamic energy transfer: ideal for transferring the energy to the patient in function of the parameters.

Magnetic coupling: the desired electrode is simply placed on the undersides of the IP probe.

Bipolar treatment: with the bipolar electrode - suitable for local treatments on superficial tissues and beauty treatments.


  • operating system: versatile Windows CE control
  • color screen: 14.5 cm
  • soft Touch control keys
  • preset pathologies
  • free memory locations
  • emission: continuous and pulsed
  • electronic switching between capacitive and resistive
  • "Real Time" impedance
  • IP-interactive Probe with MCS magnetic coupling system

Technical Features

  • power supply: 100-240 V - 50/60 Hz
  • working frequency: 485 kHz ± 10 Hz
  • power: from 20 to 300 W max.
  • max. power consumption: 300 VA
  • dimensions: 38 x 21 x 16 cm
  • weight: ± 4 kg
  • safety class: Class 1 type BF according to IEC 60601-1
  • directive EEC 93/42 IIa
  • CE marking
Standard Accessories
Optional Accessories
E20370 - TRC NT
E20370 - TRC NT
IP - Interactive Probe
bipolar electrode