Tunturi Features

HRC: Heart rate control - offer the very best possible for safely and effectively working on your health. Heart rate measuring via handgrip sensors or wireless.

T-Pulse: this heart rate training program perfects training based on heart rate monitoring. By adjusting the intensity, the Tunturi trainer makes sure you stay within the heart rate zone chosen.
 T-Scale: variation in length and intensity of programs. Each pre-programmed training possibility can be adjusted to the needs of wishes of the user with just one push of a button. During the training, the program can be adapted without having to interrupt the program. This function offers countless variation possibilities.

T-Road: the outdoor experience while training indoors. The user sees, experiences and perceives the training by means of a video on the user-friendly screen. The T-road shows a "real-life" track through old cities, forest and mountains with climbs and descents. The home trainer or crosstrainer reacts to the track just like an outdoor bike. The higher the speed, the faster the film is shown on the screen.

T-Ride: experience cycling through different graphically displayed landscapes. The routes challenge to use the gears to the optimum.
Ergometer: accurate display of Kcal/Watts, very precisely calculation of the personal energy. The user sees the exact result of the training and can follow the progress of his/her condition.

Fit Test: with the fit test the measurements and analyses are fully automated. An indexing of the personal condition is calculated and rated with a number and a mark.

Race: with the race function, measurements against the own previous performances are made in order to raise the bar higher.

T-Music: music profiles specially composed for the heart rate control programs, indicate the rhythm for staying within the required heart rate zone.

T-Trainer: the personal coach and guide during the training. The program helps to use the crosstrainer as effectively as possible, for complete improvement of the muscle groups. Many training variations are displayed on the screen.

PSC: Position Speed Control - this intelligent program regulates the speed and if necessary adjusts the pace. Walking faster automatically means a higher speed and vice versa. Handsfree, comfortable and safe.
PC-Tool: to control, analyse and store fitness tests and training regimes on your computer. The T-coach, your virtual trainer, provides you with personalised advice.