10178 - EMP4 ECO+

10178 - EMP4 ECO+

Ergonomic portable constant current Tens unit including 25 preset programs for pain therapy and muscle stimulation. The unit is operated by an integrated rechargeable.

Up to 20 personal programs can be saved.

The 2+2 program offers the advantage of a 4 channels unit: stimulation with up to 8 electrodes.

The EMP4 ECO+ offers modern stimulation parameters such as dynamic stimulation, Han stimulation, modulation, burst, combination gate control + endorphin release and combination muscle + Tens.

The dynamic stimulation with the 4 channels offers deep massaging effect.

The preset programs allow various stimulation possibilities: pain relief treatment, treatment muscle atrophy, relaxation, incontinence treatment, combination between pain treatment and muscle stimulation.

Delivered in small case with adhesive electrodes, patient cables, battery charger, user’s manual.

Technical Features

  • 4 independent channels
  • max. intensity: 100 mA (with 1kOhm real)
  • frequency: 1 - 120 Hz
  • pulse width: 50 - 500 μs
  • power supply: rechargeable battery Ni-MH 4,8 V
  • dimensions: 120 x 75 x 35 mm
  • weight: ± 250 g
  • CE