23420XL - Body Relax Standard XL

23420XL - Body Relax Standard XL

XL model of the banana-shaped model, 40 cm larger than the Standard version, ideal for persons more than 1m80 tall, for persons who need to be stabilized in a fixed position, or who are at risk of falling out of bed,..

The Body Relax cushions allow the patient to lie or sit in any position. Once positioned the form of the cushion is preserved, until it is voluntarily changed. The cushion is also suitable for physiotherapy especially for pain in the back, shoulder, hip and joints. The banana-shaped cushion meets a wide range of treatment procedures: pre- and post-natal, haptonomy, positioning of aged or bedridden patients, decubitus prevention, relaxation, etc.

Hygiene: the stuffing made of air-filled polystyrol mini-pearls ensures a perfect heat and humidity balance inside the cushion. The cushion is washable.

Color covers: Bitec = blue, Bitec plus = white, cotton = standard white. Colored or printed cotton covers are available on quantity, white terry covers are available only on demand.

Optional Accessories