26735 - Loopliner


The angled 3-dimensional Loopliner trains the movement and coordination of hand and arm. In order to move the red wooden pearl across the wire from one end to the other, the arm is being turned, lifted and sunken into all required directions and if necessary, supported by full-body-movements.

The movements are executed slowly, controlled and consciously.

Stimulates the eye-arm-coordination, body-movement, body-coordination, motor activity, muscle-formation, stress-reduction.

Range of use: physiotherapy, occupational therapy, rehabilitation, fitness-training, seniors, handicapped persons, gymnastics, play and leisure.

The Loopliner can be fixed to the hand/arm inside, elbow/upper-arm, hands/forearms together, overhand/outer-arm, elbow/forearm, hands together with loop turning down. This makes variation in exercises and difficulty degree.