26753 - Pedoball


The Pedoball is tied to the foot with a velcro strip. The challenge is to put a rubberball into a smooth run by circular motion while standing on one leg.

The Pedoball is an oval, orange-colored basic form with rut, skid-proof structured surface, and hemispherical bow under. Comes with 5 rubber-balls.

The exercise can be done standing on one leg, or sitting down. Challenge and fun will grow when using one Pedoball on each foot, or by using up to 5 balls. Also exercises by hand are possible.

Stimulates motoric motion sequence, balancing, coordination, body-control, posture, condition, one-leg-stand, ankle-prophylaxis, musculature-strengthening.

Range of use: rehabilitation, therapy, sports, gymnastics, integration facility, school, play and leisure.

Able to work under pressure of up to 120 kg.