27551 - Pari Boy SX

27551 - Pari Boy SX

Inhalation device for treatment of the lower respiratory tract for patients aged four years and older. Aerosol spectrum can be varied by choosing one of two different nozzle attachments for targeting either the central or the peripheral regions of the lungs. Optional intermittent nebulising with interrupter button allows medication to be used even more sparingly.

New Pari LC SPRINT nebulizer ensures short inhalation times with efficient lung deposition. For children who are unable to use the mouthpiece, a comfortable child mask is included.

Technical Features

Blue nozzle insert

  • total output rate: 590 mg/min.
  • MMD (median mass diameter): 2,9 µm
  • mass percentage below 5 µm: 75%

Red nozzle insert

  • total output rate: 450 mg/min.
  • MMD (median mass diameter): 2,2 µm
  • mass percentage below 5 µm: 89%


  • power supply: 230V~ 50/60Hz - 0,7 A - 80 W
  • dimensions: W 19,2 x H 14,5 x D 15 cm
  • weight: 1,7 kg
  • pressure: 1,5 bar
Standard Accessories
Optional Accessories