28525 - Fascia-ReleaZer MG 800

28525 - Fascia-ReleaZer MG 800

Fascia massage device, another way to boost the elasticity of the tissue is with this vibration massage device, which relaxes the muscles. This reduces stiffness, which in turn improves your movement.

Fasciae are fine, tough connective tissue fibers that pass through our entire body like a three-dimensional network. Fasciae surround all muscles, bones, organs and nerve cells in the body and ensure that when we move, the individual parts of our body glide past one another and remain in place. If fascia tissue has become stuck together or hardened, you can improve its suppleness and elasticity by alternately applying pressure and tension.

By using the Fascia-ReleaZer as a self-help device, the regenerative capacity of the tissue will increase. The blood supply will also be improved and nerves will function better. The elasticity and resilience of the tissue in the treated area are improved.


  • deeply working vibration massage: 2 programs
  • 4 treatment surfaces
  • non-slip grips with soft-touch surface
  • made of high-quality walnut wood


  • Fascia-ReleaZer
  • micro USB charging cable
  • mains adapter
  • training DVD with training exercises and exercise overview
28525 - Fascia-ReleaZer MG 800
28525 - Fascia-ReleaZer MG 800