29300 - Green Press 5

29300 - Green Press 5

Green Press 5 has been designed for treatment of primary and secondary oedema, circulation problems, chronic vein insufficiency, ulcer cruris, heavy legs at home. The user friendly operation and encouraging results made it interesting for general drainage and treatment of cellulite in beauty care salons.

The Green Press 5 is a microprocessor controlled pressotherapy unit with 7 preset programs which allow the therapist to select the most optimal treatment and 7 free programs which can be used for special cases. Both pressure cuffs are connected and controlled on the front board of the unit.

Parameters with digital readout: adjustable treatment time, maximum pressure, pressure time and rest time per chamber, pause time between cycles, chosen program, active chambers. Possibility to work from distal to proximal and vice versa, from proximal to distal. Delivered complete with set of tubings.

Technical Features

  • pressure: adjustable from 0 to 198 mbar
  • rest and pause time: adjustable from 0 to 90 sec per compartment
  • duration of therapy: from 0 to 90 min
  • dimensions: 35 x 41 x 22 cm
  • weight: 6 kg
  • voltage: 230V - 50/60 Hz
  • CE
Optional Accessories