29319 - Lymphactif


The Lymphactif is a machine which offers an enormous expansion and an excellent supplement for the treatment of circulatory disorders and affections of the lymphatic system.

The Lymphactif features 6 different programs: alternative, sequential, compressive, physiologic and 2 optional programs. This possibility offers differential treatment to affect the circulation at different levels:

  • alternative mode: superficial action
  • sequential mode: intermediary action
  • compressive mode: profound action by complete compression of the limb
  • physiologic mode: allows progressive proximal and local treatment before treatment in compressive mode
  • the 2 optional programs allow to store individual preferences

The Lymphactif ensures an optimal drainage thanks to following characteristics:

  • choice of mode
  • adjustable pressure from 20 to 200 mbar per chamber
  • adjustable time program per chamber
  • adjustable resting-time after each cycle
  • choice to work in ascendant or descended order

Pressure Elements

The high quality garments are supple and easy to apply by means of a zip. In case of serious lymphoedema the garments can be simply enlarged with an intermediate piece. You can connect 1 or 2 pressure elements simultaneously by means of an unique locking device.

Special Features

The Lymphactif allows the choice of language.

Technical Features

  • mains: 230V~ 50/60Hz
  • outputs: 2 fast locking devices
  • pressure: adjustable from 20 to 200 mbar
  • consumed power: 60 VA
  • dimensions: H 150 x D 210 x L 380 mm
Standard Accessories
Optional Accessories