29690 - Struzzo

29690 - Struzzo

Standing table that lifts a person into an erect position, transfers him/her and allows motion on surface areas. Particular for persons with function limitations of the limbs and torso, access from wheelchair, can be used in different environments.

Verticalisation takes place with a motor (24V) powered by rechargeable batteries and a push-button handswitch. The operation is also assisted by movement of a thoracic support, which, thanks to a pantograph system, follows the user along the entire course.

The apparatus is equipped with a joystick control unit and two motors that allow it to carry out convenient, completely autonomous transfers.

The Struzzo is adaptable to users between 1,4 and 2 m tall.

The aid can be partially folded back or disassembled to be easily transported in the car or to be placed out-of-the-way.

The Struzzo offers more freedom, more autonomy and allows a lot of tasks which are not possible in seated position.

Technical Features

  • motor unit powered by rechargeable batteries 24V
  • battery charger: 100-240 V~ 50/60 Hz
  • adjustable speed max.: 2,5 km/h
  • electronic overload protection
  • indication battery charge
  • emergency mechanical descent
  • front wheel drive and rear wheels with brakes
  • dimensions: 90,5 x 54 x h 112/132 cm
  • weight: 70 kg
  • maximum capacity: 140 kg
Optional Accessories
29690 - Struzzo