29926 - Optima Pro

Optima Pro

top model aquabike - for individual or collective training sessions


  • pedalling system with adjustable resistance (80 to 300 W) by orientable flaps adjustable from sitting position on the bike
  • secured stability and rigidity for intensive training
  • red frame for better visibility in the pool
  • pedalling resistance via contoured flaps increasing progressively with the speed applied
  • height and depth adjustable saddle and height adjustable handlebars
  • frame adjustable in height
  • user's height from 1,50 to 2 m
  • water depth from 1,10 to 1,50 m
  • sports pedals (use of aquagym shoes is recommended)
  • maximum stability with sucking cups on the base as well as castors
  • stainless steel 316 L
  • weight: 20 kg
  • conform CE norm 2001 concerning the safety of products

Aquafitness Equipment for Swimming Pool - Advantages

  • moving in the water, a physical effort convenient for everybody
  • the lukewarm water (25°) relaxes, the hart rhythm lowers with 10%, one feels calm
  • in the water one moves nearly weightless
  • the disabled person, the obese person feels like everyone
  • the uniform resistance of the water induces slow, controls movements and avoid muscle strains, bumps and joint pain
  • the hydrostatic pressure coupled to the movement stimulates a general massage activating the blood circulation
  • the cardio respiratory capacity is improved in a pleasant way
  • calories are burned and obesity is treated without efforts
  • stimulates bowel functions, fight water retention
  • has a very beneficial effect on cellulitis
  • restores body shape, strengthen the muscles without muscular pain or tiredness
  • restores suppleness of the joints
  • reduces risks of osteoporosis in elderly people
  • ideal for young mothers as preparation for childbirth and afterwards for recovery of condition, muscle strenght, reinforcement of pelvic floor
  • improves metabolism, fights high blood pressure and cholesterol, reduces sugar level in type 2 diabetics
Optional Accessories
Optima Pro
adjustable resistance
adjustable handlebars
29926 - Optima Pro