45500 - Thermo Spa - price on request

45500 - Thermo Spa - price on request

Therapy system for soft whole body wrapping in physiotherapy as well as for cosmetic use.

The use is very easy: the clients are reclining on the couch without to have to change their position. The bench itself stays at the same height. A special tear-proof foil serves as reclining surface. It separates the client’s body from the warm water in the tub and, in the same time, it wraps him in enhancing the thermal effect.

Slow weightlessness takes over. Wrapped in comfortable warmth, an initial feeling of security relieves body and soul. Soft music can be heard with the harmonic vibrations perceptible by all senses. Being in condition of total relaxation, you have a new dimension of recovery.

The well-being module Concerto makes the experience complete. It turns the whole tub into a loudspeaker. The sound waves are not only audible, they can also be felt through the foil. This makes also a massage possible simply by the vibration of the sound waves.

For treatments with cosmetic substances such as i. e.: algae, mud, chalk or hay, the client’s body gets wrapped in a thin foil allowing the active substances an optimal development.

All functions of the Thermo-Spa are indicated via pictographs on the touch screen panel and centrally controlled. The comfortable weekend or holiday program makes the work easy and saves electricity, also the nightly reduction of the rated and actual temperature is easy to set and to be read.

Even the intensity of the micro massage (vibration of the respiration frequency) and the volume of the well-being module (music) are very easy to adjust. The emergency device is a standard fitting and can be mounted if required. The 4 castors provide easy mobility within a room.

Technical Features

  • with patient remote control
  • dimensions of the tub: l 241 x w 105 cm, lying surface: l 210 x b 80 cm
  • height of access: 60 cm, maximum height of tub wall: 92 cm
  • weight without water: 230 kg, weight filled: 580 kg
  • mains: 230V~ 50/60Hz, consumption: 2500 Watt
Optional Accessories
45500 - Thermo Spa - price on request
45500 - Thermo Spa - price on request
45500 - Thermo Spa - price on request