E20700 - Biostim HT

E20700 - Biostim HT

The new Biostim HT is an advanced and complete device for professionals allowing low frequency magnetic field therapy.

It is provided with two outputs and it may deliver a magnetic field from 10 to 200 Hz, both in continuous as in modulated mode with maximum peak power of 100 Gauss for each output.

All the functions are visualized on a large color LCD. In addition to the usual and traditional keys and buttons, it is possible to adjust every parameter on the touchscreen.

The versatile Windows CE operating system ensures possible upgrading.

A wide range of preset protocols with body maps is available. After a pathology is chosen, the screen will show the body parts to be treated and the unit will suggest the parameter values to set.

Free memories for entering customized protocols.

Technical features

  • outputs: 2
  • frequency: 10 to 200 Hz
  • emission: continuous and modulated
  • intensity: 100 Gauss (peak), effective over the patient max. 50 Gauss
  • color touchscreen 400 x 800 pixels
  • power supply: 115-230 V~ 50/60 Hz
  • consumed power: 150 VA
  • dimensions: 40 x 30 x 23 cm
  • safety class: class I type BF according to IEC 601-1
  • Directive EEC 93/42: IIa
Standard Accessories
Optional Accessories
E20700 - Biostim HT
E20700 - Biostim HT
20702 - pair of solenoids
20706 - couch with 2 solenoids