10175 - EMP2 Pro

10175 - EMP2 Pro

Ergonomic portable tens unit with 21 stimulation programs for pain therapy and muscle stimulation. The unit can operate on batteries or mains supply. Up to 21 personal programs can be saved. 

Gives treatment feedback like average intensity and total treatment time. The 21 programs are divided in the following groups: pain treatment, muscle stimulation, incontinence, wellness and sports.


  • 21 personal programs
  • locking of the programs enables the therapist to fix the best-suited therapy program for the patient.
  • massage electro-stimulation
  • pelvic floor re-education programs
  • TENS Burst, low/high frequency, modulation and muscle stimulation
  • sequential programs
  • integrated AKS: after each pulse the device is short-circuited internally and thus the potential stored in the skin goes directly to the device. This prevents ion transport and allows longer therapy without skin irritations, which is particularly suitable for chronic illnesses.
  • delivered in suitcase with 4 adhesive electrodes, patient cables, clip, lanyard and charger

Technical Features

  • intensity: 100mA (with 1kΩ real)
  • frequency: 1 - 120 Hz
  • pulse width: 50 - 500 μs
  • power supply: built-in rechargeable battery Ni-MH 4,8 V
  • dimensions: 109 x 60 x 25 mm
  • weight: 150 gr
Standard Accessories