29670 - Bure Gas Small

29670 - Bure Gas Small

The Bure Gas Small is a narrower version of the Bure Gas Standard specially adapted to work in confined spaces such as at home or in some care accommodations, and to perform flexibly in every situation.

The Bure Gas Small is 66 cm wide, has an internal dimension of 30-45 cm and will pass through most doorways that are 70 cm or wider.

Presetting the correct height is simple and easy on the Bure Gas. Adjustment is made using a release lever located so that both of the carer’s or user’s hands can easily reach it.

The walker has anatomical cushions that provide relief for shoulders, arms and the neck and shift the focus to larger muscle groups such as leg and chest muscles instead. This improves stability and makes the walker easier to steer.

Ergonomically designed handles that are steplessly adjustable in every direction for optimum individual adaptation. This is extremely important for stroke patients who can thus reach their “usual” hand position.

Anatomically designed armrests can be folded out to provide the user with an easy means of reaching the handles during the standing maneuver.

There are one or two optional handed brakes that can be positioned so that the user can reach them from the walking position. The handbrakes act on the rear castors and the brake assembly also includes directional locks, making it easier for the user to stay on course while walking.

The walker can be used with a footplate that makes patient transits easy.

The components have the international protection ratings and can occasionally be used in damp areas.

The Bure can be used by tall patients.

Technical Features

  • dimensions: width: 66 cm - depth: 79 cm - height from 91 to 129 cm
  • internal dimension armrest: from 30 to 45 cm
  • 4 lockable castors of Ø 125 cm
  • weight: 15 kg
  • max. user's weight: 150 kg
Optional Accessories