29733 - Grillo Posterior PA

29733 - Grillo Posterior PA

Posterior version with pelvic and arm supports. Gives support to pelvis and upper limbs, for users with a fairly good trunk control. Including harness.

Grillo is a safe and elegant gait trainer designed to help and/or make self-movement easier. The wide range of adjustments and supports make it easy-fitting to the different needs and features of the user.

The pelvic support is adjustable in tilt, height, circumference, width and forward-backward. The gas spring operated height adjustment system allows for postural correction with the user in situ, both in static and dynamic phase.

All adjustments are made with levers or handles without the need for tools. Grillo can be easily folded in one single operation for storage and transportation.

Rear wheels with antireverse device, prevent the wheel from going backwards, for users without a good head/trunk control. Adjustable drag with levels to reduce the speed of movement, compatible with hand break. Wheel stop break on the rear wheels. Front swivelling wheels with directional locks.

Ergonomic harness, adjustable, easy to remove and machine washable.

There are front drive and posterior drive versions. It’s possible to change a front driven version into the posterior version and vice versa by reversing the wheels.

The options make it possible to adjust the support to the needs of the user: handles, lumbar support, folding seat and harness can be mounted on the Grillo.

Technical Features

  • user height: 110-165 cm
  • max. load: 90 kg
  • height pelvic support: 54-100 cm
  • support circumference: 67-103 cm
Standard Accessories
Optional Accessories